Raise a toast: Using a phone number

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Toasting using a phone number
We are rolling out an exciting update. You can now toast someone using their phone number. The person you are toasting will get notified via an SMS that someone just sent them a toast and to check the toast app. Users can also add a phone number to their existing account to ensure they have all their toasts sent to their email or phone number, at one location.

Why use a phone number?

Phone notification is more real time than email. People these days are hooked to their phone.
Also, we have noticed that, people do not tend to respond to emails. People will respond to their SMS notification sooner than an email notification. Also, phone numbers are more readily accessible than email in today’s day and age where everyone uses whatsapp. So, sending a toast to a phone number is easier.
Keeping all these points in mind, phone number was crucial to make toasting a fun and a positive experience.
However, we are not discounting the importance of an email, because many a times, people do not like to share their phone number. To ensure we cover this population as well, email will still be supported.

Supported platforms
Currently, the Toast app is only available on Apple App Store. The more we hear feedback from Android users, the better it will help us prioritize to make it available on Android sooner.

Use the Toast app today to toast someone on their baby shower, graduation or any special moment.

Toast App now available on Apple App Store.

For more information visit www.toastafriend.com
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