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Some memories are so beautiful that they can cheer up one in the worst of situations. A special date, a silver jubilee celebration that brought together the entire family, a new baby and so many more. When I meet old family and friends, the topic of conversation is usually a good gathering that brought us together previously and some anecdotes that are unforgettable. The memories of these moments never fail to make me smile. I often wonder if I could note down these events in some form and go back on these later in time how lovely would that be.

In most cultures, it’s customary to receive messages from family and friends telling one how much they loved the event or thanking the host for good food and time. Also it’s a brilliant idea to write personalized notes to the guests on their well meaning gifts and their presence. Sometimes when I look back at pictures I often reminisce of conversations we shared, the compliments on ones outfit, drooling over the food options and hearing from your guests especially on the food you prepared painstakingly for the gathering.

I often wonder how lovely it would be to chronicle these moments on a timeline and have those conversations compliments and gossips etched not only in memories but in some form and shape that I could go back on.
Facebook timelines and photo galleries are exhaustive and time consuming, you need patience to scroll through those heaps of posts and pictures.

Why Toast?

What is needed is single crisp note from or to your loved one and a picture that defines the moment, moment logged in for a lifetime.

And then I stumbled across Toast! Toast provides the perfect opportunity for you and your family and friends to raise a toast to one another at a memorable event. What’s even better that you can share an anecdote, compliment or comment that you want to be remembered along with a picture that perfectly describes the memory.

Unlike a photo album or a comment, Toast is very personal. It’s a one to one note to another person that describes something very intimate very personal only between the two people. It’s ease of use makes it possible for anyone to raise a toast be it a 6 year or a 60 year old..

A Real life example

I remember a wonderful event organized by us sister’s for our parents 25th wedding anniversary. Being a family of only daughters we had our share of criticism and skepticism and how our parents would basically be left alone and helpless without a son to call their own .. this event was an opportunity was us to show to the world that our parents are not helpless and daughters can do not only what son’s can and perhaps even more … the event was a great hit and each and every guest complimented us or had to say very kind words about our efforts… 12 years down we remember the event very fondly and hope we could actually document the conversations and the emotions that everyone had around us.. this would have served as a wonderful reminder of how our parents have made us resourced enough to face the world as women and motivate us to keep our parents happy always..

I can think of so many moments where I could have raised a toast to a loved one and have those wonderful memories etched for a lifetime. I am sure you can also think of times you can leave a loving note or share a lovely memory with your family and friends. So what are you waiting for. Go ahead. Send a toast!

Toast App now available on Apple App Store.

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