Raise a Toast: From grandparents to grandchild

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We recently were blessed with a baby boy. Born at a really fortunate time, his great grandmother is hale and hearty while his older sister is now 3, and everybody in between totally adore him. We live in the USA, miles apart from family in India. As parents, we want the kids to feel close and cherish all their blessings. Our kids Grandparents visited us recently. Grandparents are a unique relationship. Having gone through the rigors of life already and enjoying the sunset years, they are truly unbiased in their love and all they have are good wishes and blessings to give. On this visit, the compassion, wisdom and kindness they imparted, no school or a paid help can even come close. It’s only pure love, unconditional and true.

We have decided to capture these important phases and milestone for our kids. When they grow older they will cherish the blessed life and people they have had. And while we wish them all the academic and financial successes, these memories will help them be humble, compassionate and grounded human beings.
On the kids behalf, here I create a toast and add the great grandmother, grandparents and the entire family so that our kids will cherish these memories forever.

Take care of your memories because tomorrow might be too late.
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