Raise a Toast: Reduce paper clutter

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I printed these lovely cards for my first baby shower and asked each of my guests to write something for me. Each note was unique by itself and I have saved them for almost 4 years now. Truly speaking, I have only looked at it once since then. All these years, it was lost somewhere in my attic.

We recently moved, and in the process decided to get rid of all the paper clutter that we accumulated over the years and then I come across these notes. In all the exhaustion of the move, I put them aside again hoping I will view them some other time. And this procrastination cycle goes on and on, but mostly we never look at those memories ever again, as they are always tucked away somewhere.

Use Toast.

Memories are made to be lived and cherished, not killed in closets and boxes.

Memories need to be readily accessible when felt, and not hunted to be felt. Plus you can go green, its free, and inclusive of friends and family to collectively cherish forever across regions. I can add friends miles away to be a part of the most special milestones in my life.

Toast app is really simple to use.

  • There is a creator of the Toast called an “Initiator”.
  • He/She creates the toast and adds groupmates called “collaborators”.
  • Initiator and collaborators collectively send / “raise” the toast to the “toastee”.
  • The Toast can make it more fun by making it theme based e.g. “What is it like to be 30” to be or “What is it like to get married.”.

Try the Toast App today.

Toast App now available on Apple App Store.

For more information visit www.toastafriend.com

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