Raise a Toast: A perfect housewarming party

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Rachael was extremely excited to host a housewarming party. Why not? She and Peter finally bought a house after 15 years of renting apartments and moving every year or two. Racheal always longed for her own home and so she had been collecting cutouts from HouseBeautiful magazine. Now it was the time to put those cutouts to good use.

For the housewarming party, she created an exhaustive guest list. All of their friends, family and colleagues over the years had been invited. She planned to have private caterers for the evening and decorate the house as a beautiful love nest. They were a family of four. Their 2 kids, were equally excited to move to their own home and wanted to help in every way they could.

Why Toast?

As perfect as the party planning was, she wanted to attend to every detail possible.
Most of all, she wanted to keep a memory of this beautiful moment forever and so she used the toast app. She initiated a toast, added all their guests to the toast and asked collaborators to post their selfie at the party. That way she would have this memory forever.

Toast App now available on Apple App Store.

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