Raise a Toast: 10 creative toasting ideas

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    Create a perfect memory and celebrate someone’s special day

  • Toast your wife on her baby shower and add all her childhood besties to the toast. Ask her friends to share a childhood memory. It will make her day truly special.
  • Toast your graduating cousin and add your entire family to the toast. Ask family where do they see him in his dream job. It will make a fun toasting experience and create a perfect memory.
  • Toast your husband on his 40th birthday. Such days come once in a lifetime and he will love this sweet gesture from you. Ask friends and family to post what first comes to their mind when they think about your husband.
  • Add all your guests to your housewarming toast. Ask them to post their selfies at the party. It will make for a perfect memory.
  • Toast your colleague on her wedding. Invite her to a room and surprise her with this thoughtful gesture.
  • A farewell toast to your colleague will add to the personal touch. Ask collaborators to post they personal experience of working with him on a project. This will surely make a great memory and could also make a great review.
  • Is it your grandparents 75th wedding anniversary? This will be a perfect gift, valuable more than anything materialistic. Create a toast and add the entire family, ask them what significance they hold in their life. It will surely bring them tears of joy.
  • Toast your best friend on friendships day. She will be touched with a personal note from you.
  • Have a super mom? Mom’s work so hard without any reward or appreciation. Toast her on mothers days and tell her how absolutely super special she is to you.
  • Have a friend who recently got promoted or started a new venture. Keep this memory imprinted forever with a newventure toast.

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