Raise a Toast: A toast to your mom

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MOM, the one person who has the most impact during one’s growing up years. She is someone you look upto for unconditional love, support and strength when the going gets tough.

A mother does so much for her kids – prepare meals every single day so that one gets good  food to eat, take kids to after school classes accommodating her own schedule, ensuring the kids do their homework on time, support them every single day to ensure they have a complete and a safe life. The list is endless. A mother has no vacation. The only reward she expects in return is your love and time.

My mom gave her entire life in raising her family. She gave up her job, her career and everything that would take away her time from the family. As a working mother, I just admire how much of a sacrifice a stay at home mom does.

My mother is going to turn 70 soon. Being spread in different corners of the world, it’s difficult for everyone to physically gather with their families to celebrate birthday. Nevertheless, A perfect gift to a mother would be heartfelt wishes from her kids along with a family picture. She will cherish it more than any expensive gift.

Here is a MightyMom toast i’d like to send her on her birthday. I’ll give it a family theme and ask all my siblings to post a family picture. A perfect gift to get a huge smile on her face.

Try today.

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