Raise a Toast: 10 special tips

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Wedding toast truly perform a very essential role in the wedding celebration. They serve a link amidst the formal wedding ceremony and a less formal atmosphere at the reception.

The wedding toast allow the family members, relatives and all the close friends to talk their hearts out and with the beloved couple.

Initially this culture was started with the belief that making some loud noise like ringing a bell, clinking the glass, etc casts away the evil spirits.

The wedding toasts can also follow the traditional order and the non-traditional order as well.

The Traditional order for Toast

  1. In a traditional order of the wedding toast, the first and foremost toast is raised for the bride or for the beloved couple.
  2. It is done by either of these that are – the best man, some close relative or a close friend.
  3. Next, the groom responds in the honor of the bride with a message from the heart.
  4. This message also goes in the honor of the person raising the toast, their parents and the brides maid.
  5. Further, the best man then thanks the groom on behalf of all the brides maid.
  6. Sometimes the bride also speaks a few words right after the groom, as she thanks the best man the brides’ maids.
  7. Next some close friends or the relatives may follow with the next toast.
  8. Now the bride’s father thanks all guests on behalf of the bride’s mother and himself, as they announce the beginning of the celebration.

The Non-Traditional order of the Toast

  1. This surely has different order as compared to the traditional.
  2. Here, the order can be modified as per the choice of the couple, the guests and the occasion.
  3. In this case the emcee proposes the very first toast in the honor of the couple.
  4. Then the groom thanks the one who raised the toast that is the emcee, the guests and then raises a special toast for his bride.
  5. Next, the bride expresses gratitude for the groom, the guests and proposes a special toast for her parents and the in-laws.
  6. Sometimes a special toast can be raised for the in-laws.
  7. Next the bride’s father thanks the bride for her toast. They thank all the guests, and announce the beginning of the celebrations.
  8. Some times, the emcee also proposes a toast for the brides’ maids.
  9. Soon after this the maid of honor responds as she thanks for the toast and proposes another toast.
  10. Some times the emcee takes pleasure in introducing the guests who proposes the toasts, and then they announce the celebration beginning.

Some special tips:

  1. First and foremost serve the beverage to the bride, followed by her groom, then the maid of honor, couple’s parents and next, the best man.
  2. A toast can be served as a sip of champagne or wine. For the non-alcoholics the options are any beverages except tea, coffee & water.
  3. If you will propose the first toast, make sure that not only your glass, but also all the other glasses are filled before you start drinking.
  4. While proposing a toast, one should raise the glass in the right hand.
  5. The glass must be held straight in line with the shoulder.
  6. Try composing some words to speak on the wedding toast. In case, you can not write some good piece, try reading out some traditional wedding toast, though you must personalize it with some true feelings from the heart. You can talk about the couple here.
  7. At the end of the toast, remember to invite all the guests to join the celebrations.
  8. Also you must thank them for coming to the wedding and give them some heartfelt response.
  9. In case a toast is raised for you, that is, you have received a toast you must not raise the glass. You also must not stand or sip from your drink.
  10. While receiving the toast, you just thank the ones who have raised the toast for you. Though it is not much required, you might like to propose another toast.

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