Raise a Toast: Save memories that you can cherish forever

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Papa. For a daughter her papa is the strongest, bestest and the most motivating person in her life. He was also for me – the most special person in my life.

My growing up years revolved around these 4 letters. I would instantly know how he is feeling just by hearing his voice. I remember he once fractured his leg and I had cried so much.

It has been 6 long years that he has passed away, after 4 years of grueling heart problems. He passed away in India and I was in the USA then. I was fortunate to get to spend 4 months taking care of him while he was in the hospital. I took the next flight back to India to be with him in the final rituals. It was life changing for me. An important part of me had gone missing and I had no idea how I would collect myself. Papa, was certainly the most motivating, encouraging and fun-loving person in my life.

I came to the USA in 2004, for further studies and then decided to work and settle down here. My dad would ensure to be a part of every important event wherever he was. He would make sure to call me and wish or congratulate me. Not a birthday, graduation, promotion or any important milestone that I remember without his love and thoughtful wishes. He would send me birthday cards and he was the happiest person when I graduated or got my first promotion.

However, today I have no record of it. Paper cards are lost in the clutter over the years and those special memories of graduation, promotion have faded with time.

You can create beautiful memories using the Toast app. It is a creative way to wish and make someone feel special. Toast has a Diary that keeps a record of all your toasts so that you can access them from anywhere and at anytime.

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Rachna Guest Report 2 years ago

He sure was a motivator and played an important role in our lives. He must be very happy to see your achievements and raising a Toast from wherever he is. ?? Many Congratulations to you! And Good Luck.

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