Raise a Toast: Collaborate across regions to Toast as a group

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After 9 years of working in a high profile investment bank as a front office technologist, I finally decided to bid farewell to my current job. I was excited about my new role, more so because I would now get to work on what I really enjoyed the most.

Being on the same team since I joined the company, I was the senior most member on the team. Traders, quants and my teammates considered me as goto person for all their technical issues. It for sure was my second home. During my 9 years, I had witnessed one of the worst financial crisis in the history.

On my last day I got a huge surprise from my colleagues. They called me to a conference room for a team meet and raised a toast to me for all my hardwork and dedication over 9 years. They gifted me a card with farewell wishes from traders, quants and my teammates and a small piece of paper –
a print of my first code commit. It was nostalgic. I wanted to cherish that moment forever. However, My teammates in London and Tokyo could not be a part of the celebration. It would have been terrific to get their wishes too.

You can collaborate across regions and Raise a “Farewell” Toast as a group using the app. It is a creative way to wish and make someone feel special. Toast also has a Diary that keeps a record of all your toasts so that you can cherish those precious moments and access them from anywhere and at anytime.


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