Month: March 2018

Posted on 16 Mar 2018

Raise a Toast: A Wedding Toast

We are soon celebrating our 10 year anniversary. He was the perfect man I knew, in every which way. He was always there by my side not only during the highs but also the lowest point in my life, driving for

Posted on 6 Mar 2018

Raise a Toast: Reduce paper clutter

I printed these lovely cards for my first baby shower and asked each of my guests to write something for me. Each note was unique by itself and I have saved them for almost 4 years now. Truly speaking, I

Posted on 6 Mar 2018

Raise a Toast: 10 special tips

Wedding toast truly perform a very essential role in the wedding celebration. They serve a link amidst the formal wedding ceremony and a less formal atmosphere at the reception. The wedding toast allow the family members, relatives and all the close

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